Get Strong.

Get weekly tips to strengthen your mind so you can
feel like a powerhouse without wavering in self doubt.


What if you were just steps
away from a stronger you?

I’m Patricia and I’m so happy you’re here!  It’s my mission to
help you learn how to think strong, feel strong and be
strong in your mind and in your body.

What if you woke up every morning pumped and ready to

What if you learned how to fuel your body so you felt
nourished, balanced and energized all day long?

What if you had a sea of support, accountability and
encouragement to turn to when challenging obstacles like
wanting to eat pizza and chips everyday or blowing off
your exercise routine get in your way?

This is what I love to do – help you build your inner
strength so you can do the things you’ve always wanted
to do and hit the goals you’ve always had on your vision
board but never seem to reach.

Consider this your place to get the kick start you need to
make it happen.

Be the strong, confident person you’ve
always known you could be.


Strengthen Your Mind

Motivational reminders to
keep you on track to
achieving a strong mind
and body, delivered
straight to
your inbox..


Strengthen Your Body

Increase your energy, lose
stubborn fat and feel your best
again. Invest in my 30-day
nutritional challenge to start
transforming your body at a
cellular level.


Strengthen Your Life

Join a supportive community of people
who are building their inner & outer
strength one day at a time and all
together! Whether you’re a fitness
enthusiast, a busy parent, or a burned out
executive, I have a solution for you.

Inner and outer strength
create the foundation for a positive life.

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