Patricia Cimino

Welcome to my world of positivity and possibility on the internet.

Patricia Cimino Positivity CoachWhy Positivity?  Because it FEELS  SO DAMN GOOD.

Why Possibility?  Because anything is possible if you truly decide to put your mind to it.

And guess what?  I’ve done the opposite and it stinks.

It’s stinks planting a smile on my face but feel far from happy on the inside.

It stinks to consistently listen to my head bark orders about what to do or what not to do while completely ignoring my body. Which was always giving me the signals for what to really do.

It stinks to be consumed with other peoples opinions and let them dictate how I should be.

It stinks to forever pack my schedule with absolutely no space to breathe instead of just saying no and focusing on what I really want.

AND it totally stinks to have the same repeated thoughts like…

“I need to…”

“I should have…”

“I’m so busy…”  

that kept me running like a dog, feeling like a failure and missing out on my life.

Been there and so done with that!

My name is Patricia Cimino and I’m a certified life coach.  That’s my official title but what I really LOVE to do is help women BUILD HEALTHY POSITIVE MINDSETS so they can step into the next chapter of themselves with confidence, purpose and optimism.

Patricia Cimino Positivity CoachI hired my first life coach in 2003, having no idea what a life coach was.  A friend referred a coach to help me with a transitional move across the country.  For some of you that doesn’t seem like a life hurtling event, but for this midwestern girl raised by ethnic parents, I had never left Chicago.  This move just paralyzed me with sheer fear.

My coach helped me move through that fear with total excitement. I wouldn’t have gotten there so fast on my own.  And that little flavor of coaching opened up.

Then in 2011 when we sold our home, I noticed all of my books were about personal development, positive thinking, mindset, spirituality and faith.  It didn’t phase me because I thought every girl’s bookcase looked like that. When I mentioned it to a friend she quickly replied, “My bookshelf doesn’t look like that!”.  No trashy novels (well maybe one copy of Shades of Grey was there) no historic fiction, no mystery books.  Just personal growth books.  I guess I’ve always been a self help junkie – I love all of it and my bookcase reflected it . . . but my journals didn’t.  

I had read all these great motivating books and understood it intellectually but couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t living it.

I decided I wanted to learn how to live what I read, and enrolled in a program that was a TOTAL GAME CHANGER for me. I learned that my circumstances where never the reason for my unhappiness – but my thoughts about the circumstance that was making me feel horrible.  THIS WAS HUGE.  Learning how to tune into what I was thinking that was causing me to feel stuck or unappreciated or heck any negative emotion!  Becoming the boss of my mind while developing a self care strategy became my ammo for living a life of positivity and possibility.

I truly believe everyone needs a coach in their pocket and that personal transformation is a daily practice. It’s always been my mantra to infuse positivity into everyone I meet.  I love to help women build a healthy positive mindset so they can step into the next chapter of themselves feeling confident, purposeful and authentically optimistic from their heart to their head.  

When I’m not coaching, speaking, doing retreats and workshops you can find me practicing and teaching hot yoga, my 2nd passion!  I love to weave coaching themes into my classes and inspire my students to find strength in their minds and bodies. 

I credit my three active boys for the best coaching practice ever and my hubby Bill for always being my number one client.