Patricia Cimino


  • August 30, 2017


It does not stop.

Not even for a minute.

This past week I lost someone very dear to me and my family. The suddenness of it still has all of our heads spinning.

And yet with all the sadness and sorrow, it’s another invitation to the classroom we wake up to everyday. The classroom of life. The classroom that offers us the opportunity to live and be the best versions of ourselves. The classroom that opens us up to challenges and to possibilities. The classroom  gives us the chance to create a dream life.

When was the last time you allowed yourself to dream of the lifestyle you want to have?

Are you waiting till retirement to do the things you want to do?

If you don’t take time to dream about what you want – you become like the American executive who, in an old joke, arrives on a beach on a beautiful island…

The executive strolls down to the beach and notices a fisherman rowing in to shore. His boat if chock full of fish, and the executive asks him what he’s doing.

The fisherman replies, “I’ve been fishing because I love it. And now I’m going to have a bbq on the beach with my friends. I’ll play guitar and sing and hang out on the beach, and then in the evening I will dine with my wife under the stars.”

“That’s crazy,” says the executive. “You’ve caught so many fish! I can invest in you and we’ll sell the fish and make a ton of money!”

“Why would I want to do that?” says the fisherman.

“Well, in a few months, we could invest the profits and buy a bigger boat and make even more money,” says the executive.

“Why would I want to do that?” says the fisherman.

“Well, in a few years, we could invest the profits and open a factory on the beach and process our own fish and make even more money.” says the executive.

“Why would I want to do that?” says the fisherman.

“Well, with all the profits from that you could eventually retire early. And then you could go fishing just because you love it. And then you could have a bbq on the beach with your friends. And you could play guitar and sing and hang out on the beach. And then in the evening dine with your wife under the stars…”

We don’t need to wait till retirement to have the amazing life we want to have.

Here’s to dreaming and scheming for a well planned life to live NOW…

Embrace the Power of Possibility,
. . . Positivity: It’s An Inside Job

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