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September Reset

Bring on September!  September has always been my reset month.  A great time to check in with the goals and intentions I set at the beginning of the year . . . yes, remember those things you wrote down in your journal that got you so excited to start the new year with a bang?  Maybe like me, you charged hard for the first half of the year, then let the spontaneity of summer settle in and now find yourself  OFF COURSE . . ?
What did you have written down?  How can you get inspired to take action again?  Revisiting those intentions and thinking about how how they will feel once I accomplish them is what gets my fire started again. How will it feel when I reach an email list of 1000 readers?  How will it feel when I shed the final 10 lbs?  How will it feel when I create a schedule that consistently incorporates FUN in my week?
Grateful.  Confident.  Happy. is how I’ll feel!  Stepping into those emotions by creating the thoughts that make me feel that way, help me pick up where I left off in June with newfound commitment and excitement.
Here’s to letting the energy of your goals and intentions reset your September and finish your year STRONG…

I’m a certified life and mindset coach, speaker and entrepreneur. I help people going through transitions kick the “I can’t” and the “I don’t know” to the curb and learn to embrace a healthy positive mindset so they can step into the next chapter with confidence, purpose and optimism. When I’m not coaching, you can find me on the mat teaching and taking hot yoga. I credit my 3 boys for all my coaching practice and my hubby Bill for always being my #1 client.

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Lana says September 9, 2016

Your post just got me fired up (in a good way). Thanks Patricia!

Patricia Cimino says September 9, 2016

That’s awesome Lana! Nothing to stop you now…:)

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