Patricia Cimino


“I started Patricia’s program about 4 months ago because I was at a loss of what I
wanted to do with myself and work. I joined her group coaching class and learned so
much about myself. I realized what my passions were, what my strengths were and
what I’m good at in general. I also learned what I really don’t enjoy which was quite
interesting. I decided that I wanted to hire Patricia for one on one sessions so we
could dig deeper. I loved working with her because she really opened my eyes and
ears up. I became more in-tuned with my body language and what felt good, natural
and also yucky. I looked forward to every meeting we had because I knew I had a
million different ideas going on in my head and she helped me process it all with
confidence. Patricia helped me realize that I love entrepreneurship and I love
working and helping adults. Which then led me to furthering my education and
getting certified in health and wellness. Our minds can play many tricks on us and
once we learn how to deal with those mind games (which Patrcia is a genius at) life
becomes more fulfilled with your own truth.” – Kelly H.

“I began working with Patricia to help guide me into the next path on my journey….I
wanted to work on my mindset and self awareness. I have been given a priceless
gift to guide me into this beautiful journey with a new self confidence and am able
to be present and the best version of me I can be. Love working with an authentic
and loving soul such as Patricia to continue to grow and work on myself. Forever
grateful.” – Tami D.

“Since working with Patricia I have seriously moved forward in becoming the best
version of myself! Not only has she taught me the tools to step outside my comfort
zone – but has helped me identify my flawed thinking. Patricia challenged me to
use the strategies she taught to empower positivity and authenticity in all areas of
my life. Patty is an excellent coach! I recommend working with her to anyone trying
to rediscover themselves, get out of a longtime rut, or transform the direction of
their life so living with true intention is possible. Positively motivating!” – Tina F.

“Looking to learn more about you? Join Patricia in learning techniques to challenge
yourself, find your passion and reach your goals. Her enthusiasm shines through as
she teaches and shares proven scientific strategies that help you…help yourself.
Patricia leads by example and shares her experiences to guide you on a path to
discover the next chapter of you. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with her and
meeting the other women in her group class who have taken the next step also.
Each class was different, filled with great FYI tips to help develop undiscovered
strengths and strategies for you. Meeting as a group definitely makes you realize
you’re not alone, and offers up support and guidance among friends. It will
motivate you to stop wondering and start moving towards achieving your goals.
Thank you Patricia, it was so worth working with you.” – Lori B.

“I was at a critical time in my career when I needed to plan a job change. Feeling
quite stuck and not being able to discern whether I wanted to have a minor or major
job change, a career change or gently begin retirement, I just could not get the
process started. Thinking about the process was overwhelming and I did not think I
could carve out time for coaching. When I saw, Patricia Cimino’s Discover the Next
Chapter of You coaching series, I knew I could reasonably add this into my busy
schedule. The sessions with about 7 other women in similar circumstances, both
contemplating career changes or re-entering a career, had been incredibly helpful in
starting this process and deciding what I want my next steps to be. Patricia’s
process that guided discernment in small weekly “bites” were both reasonable and
effective. They have really helped me feel good about my opportunities and move
forward on this important decision.” – Karen L.

“Patricia gives gifts that help people turn negative emotions into positive feelings.
Some gifts help you pinpoint your emotions. Others are tools to see your
circumstances in an entirely new light. She’s not a therapist who listens and listens
and listens. She’s a coach. What do coaches do? They inspire action. They motivate
to make changes. They encourage you to bring your best self. They focus on what
could be, not what isn’t. One of my favorite Patricia strategies is “doubt your
doubts. Imagine if you could do that everyday. Patricia Cimino can help.”
– Matt B.

“Before attending Patricia’s workshop series, my focus was consistently on an area of
my life that I had no control over. As the sessions progressed, I realized there was
more to me than I was letting show. I started to connect with who I was burying
inside. I realized what made me feel energized, what made me feel I had purpose,
and what was sucking the life out of me. Patricia’s sessions helped me feel more
positive about life’s possibilities going forward. And you know what I realized? I
actually stopped thinking about what was consuming me.” – Colleen B.

“Patricia made me realize that I deserve to follow my heart and do what makes me
happy. She reminds you that living your best purposeful self is optimal, otherwise
you are sleep walking though life”….Patricia has a warm, real, fun loving approach
to remind us that life is a gift, and to always live in gratitude and joy. She makes it
fun getting to the bottom of uncovering what lights up your soul and heart in life.
Making changes in thought patterns, realizing we are not our thoughts and long
term beliefs that don’t serve us and striving for what truly lights us up from a place
of love. Patricia was a true Joy to work with – THANK YOU!” – Maria C.

“I had read a lot of books and listened to many self help videos, but I couldn’t get
unstuck from the feelings of fear, anxiety and negativity. I couldn’t figure out how
to move forward. Because of this program and because of Patricia’s guidance
through it, I now know how to take care of myself. I became enlightened. I
understand now how my mind works and I know what I can and will do to turn the
anxiety and negativity around. And fear disappears when you are confident in the
fact that you control your brain, not the other way around. ” – Barb T.