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What’s Your Super Power?

  • September 6, 2017

Not long ago, my coach (yes I have a coach too!) asked me –

“As a child, what did your report card comments from the teachers say about you?”

I immediately knew the answer to that.

“Patricia talks too much. She needs to learn to refrain from talking and socializing in class”

Repeatedly year after year that was what the teachers wrote and that’s what I got in trouble for the most.

So you can image my shock when my coach began to laugh and then said…


What? Super Power? What are you talking about. . .


Who would have thunk??? I’ve always loved to talk to people. And today that’s how I make my living – talking to people. What I’ve always thought was a deficit growing up, now I learn it’s my biggest gift and my most passionate strength.

You see, our super powers are so natural to us that we minimize them to the point of not even recognizing them. Our super powers are things that are super easy for us but impossible for others. It’s special skills that set us apart from everyone else.

So what do you do so naturally, that you take it for granted everyday?

What is that thing that others come to you for?

What are your best skills?…The ones you are most passionate about using – not the ones you think you “should” be loving. Identify them and use them everyday.

WHY? Because they give you clarity and confidence. Knowing what you are amazing at and utilizing that skill set further strengthens it. Standing in your internal power everyday allows you to show up as the best version of you without hesitation or confusion, whether you’re dealing with teenagers, clients or spouses.

…still unsure of what yours are? Maybe it’s time to dig out your old report cards and see what they reveal!

Embrace the Power of Possibility,
. . . Positivity: It’s An Inside Job

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